“MESTEMACHER – The lifestyle-bakery” AT A GLANCE

  • “MESTEMACHER – The lifestyle-bakery” is specialized in the production and distribution of naturally pasteurized specialty breads with a long shelf life when kept unopened. It is a global market leader in the niche for packaged wholegrain breads and pumpernickel.
  • “MESTEMACHER – The lifestyle-bakery” mainly caters the self-service segment of the food retail market and sells its products primary under its own brand.
  • “MESTEMACHER – The lifestyle-bakery” is the flagship brand of the Mestemacher Group, selling traditional German and international bread specialties in more than 80 countries worldwide.
  • As a pioneer in corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) Mestemacher is known for its strong social commitment to gender equality, work-life balance and the environment.

“MESTEMACHER – The lifestyle bakery” products offer multiple consumer benefits.

Fresh: Grain that comes from controlled and mainly regional supplier is grinded freshly in our own mill in order to be baked just-in-time at the production sites.

Convenient: Long lasting single servings keep the bread fresh and make it suitable for any situation. It is usually eaten fresh but it is also tastefull when toasted.

Healthy: Mestemacher breads are ideal for the health conscious consumer. Mestemacher produces organic, natural, fibre-rich, wholegrain, nutritional foods without preservatives that have positive effects on the wellbeing of the consumer and contribute to a healthy diet.

Functional: Mestemacher offers functional foods that are enriched with added ingredients with a positive effect on the wellbeing of the consumer.

Wellness: Mestemacher offers gourmet specialties or delicatessens such as its original Westphalian pumpernickel that serve as wellness meal or snack for the consumer.

Ethical Correct: The company’s CSR engagement has a strong impact on the Mestemacher brand as there is a great interest of the general public in Mestemacher’s social activities.

Nutri-Score system
Mestemacher plans to pioneer the use of Nutri-Score nutrition labels in Germany.